Tech Specs-- VB6, Reporting Tools : Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, Backend : Microsoft SQL Server.
Team Size-- 4
My Roles-- Define the need of the customer, Ideate & Iterate with customer & team, Design, Oversee and manage the development, Oversee the implementation & support, Maintenance.

Diary-- It keeps a track of the daily activities of an advocate. Allows you to enter and edit Activity Date, File no, client name, staff name, status, counselors handling the case, a brief of what was done, start time and end time, Next Action and Next action date, If completed then date of completion.
Report for a period all entries for a particular file, Client, Action, Action Date, Staff and/or Counselor.

Docket/Memo-- Docket is the bills of a counselor for work done on various cases. Gives the file no., A brief description of the work done, and cost of work. Memo’s are the bills raised to a client for expenses incurred and other charges.

Receipt/Payment-- Module to enter receipts from Clients against Memos and Payments to Counselors against Docket.

Docket Register-- Report of all dockets raised by a counselor, showing payment details and outstanding’s.

Memo register-- Report of all memos raised against a client, showing receipt details and outstanding.

List of Receipts/Payment--
List of all monies received or paid against a file(case). Reports file wise and also bank account wise.

Cheque Printing--Auto printing of cheques for a given period and counselor.

TDS Report--Report of TDS deducted against payments made to counselors and TDS deducted by clients.

Counselor, Client, Group of Client, Type of Client, Staff, Type of Staff, Type of Action, Case Type and Case Subcategory are the various masters.
File master stores the data for all files: File No., Client Name, Client Type, Case Type, Linked Files, Counselors appearing from other side, If litigation, Case no and year, a brief description, Status of file and reason for being non-active.

Accounts-- Maintains the accounts of the firm.
General Voucher
Cash Bank Transfer
Bank Reconciliation
Bank Opening Balance
Account Enquiry General Ledger
Cash Bank Book
Final Accounts

The whole system is password controlled.