Tech Specs-- VB.NET,VB6, Reporting Tools : Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, Backend : Microsoft SQL Server.
Team Size-- 5
My Roles-- Define the need of the customer, Ideate & Iterate with customer & team, Design, Oversee and manage the development, Oversee the implementation & support, Maintenance.

Company - Stores the details of the company relevant to Invoice and reports, Customer - Details of all customers, Contractor - Details of Contractors including the Items they make and rate, Vendor - Details of Vendors, Fabric - Details of various fabrics including vendor , minimum quantity to order and rate, Item - Details of all items dealt in giving raw material and length required per Item and contractors who make these and rate of contractor. Clock Size - Stores the sizes of each individual, Standard Size

CPO-- Stores the Purchase orders of customers. Needs to be verified for processing further. Once verified modification is disallowed. CPO is the module through which everything is controlled
VPO-- Purchase orders to Vendors for fabrics giving quantity and rate etc. Indent of Fabrics - Checks and lists out each material required to be ordered (based on CPO’s) and available stock .
Material Receipt-- Receipt of orders placed with vendors.
Issue Slip-- to record job works allotted to contractors.
Trial-- Records samples sent to customers
Receipt Slip-- Records finished products received from contractors against Issue Slips and CPO’s
Material dispatch-- to record items dispatched to customers against CPO’s and make Invoice for the same. (One Invoice –one CPO) Delivery Challan issued to customers with detail of sizes, with link to CPO, Make Invoice showing advance received and advance adjusted till date and with current bill and balance advance with us.
Rct and Payment-- Money received or paid to Vendor/Customer/Contractor
rejection of items sent to customers
VPO Closing-- Closing of VPO’s which are complete so that they don’t show as pending.
CPO Closing-- Closing of CPO’s which are complete so that they don’t show as pending.
Opening Stock-- Record all available stock of fabric, items and readymade items.
Extra Fabric-- On special password you are allowed to send extra fabric to vendor

Stock Statement-- Reports stock of fabrics showing opening stock , received during the period, consumed during the period and balance for the period. Showing balance with us and with contractors. Gives contractor wise stock statement. Also report Item stock and readymade item stock.
Outstanding-- Statement of Customer / Vendor billwise and details of advance adjusted against each bill
Stock Valuation-- Reports the total quantity of fabric/item/readymade item along with rate and value as on a date.
Ageing-- List of pending bills showing number of days overdue.
Contractor Status-- Reports the status of job work issued to contractors.
Pending CPO/VPO-- Reports all CPO’s and VPO’s not yet closed showing details of pending items.
Trial Report-- Reports status of items send on trial.
Sales/ Purchase--Lists all bills to customers showing details of CPO, quantity, rate and Value. For vendors shows details of Material Receipt.
Sales Profit-- Shows the profit on each item delivered.

The whole system is password controlled