Tech Specs-- VB.NET, VB6, Reporting Tools : Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, Backend : Microsoft SQL Server.
Team Size-- 7
My Roles-- Define the need of the customer, Ideate & Iterate with customer & team, Design, Oversee and manage the development, Oversee the implementation & support, Maintenance.

Masters-- Sales, Purchase & General Accounts, Airline.

Final Accounts-- Ledgers, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss , Balance Sheet.

Reports-- Outstanding Statement, Day books, Cash Bank Book, Debtors / Creditors balance, PSR
GST Report

Domestic / International / Miscellaneous Billing--
Entry based on option selection rather than typing of all data, entry, modify, deletion, preview and print based on access rights.
Ticket from LCC or Sub Agent. Credit card options for both UATP and Non UATP transactions. The level of discounts to bifurcate discount given from standard commission and overriding. Discount on percentage basis and value basis. Updation of all required ledgers from bill. No limitation on the number of passengers on one bill. May add any number of additional charges on the bill which may be recalled at the time of refund. All bills can be e-mailed or faxed directly. Management fee based on parameter. Auto calculation of GST based on masters. Total modification of a bill but under password control.

Domestic / International / Miscellaneous Refunds or Credit Notes and Voids-- Entry based on option selection. Entry, modification, deletion, view and print based on access rights. Recalls details from the bill automatically. One credit note can be made for all tickets on one bill. Auto matching of credit notes to bills if bill is outstanding based on set up in master. Selection of bill based on ticket number. Updates all ledgers directly. Total modification of a credit note but under password control. Email and fax to clients without taking a hard copy. Recall all commission paid & discounts given for the respective tickets.

Receipts and Payments with matching or on account for Debtors and Creditors-- Data entry based on option selection. Entry, modification, deletion, view and print based on access rights. E-mail or fax to clients . Automatically adjust receipts from one party for one or more of its sister concerns on the respective accounts and also match immediately. Match all bills by click of a button. Allow write off of amounts and make credit note automatically.

Handing Charges Credit Note-- Give discount to party outside the bill. May select tickets based on a particular bill or on all issued tickets.
Debtors / Creditors Voucher-- Payments and receipts for a creditor or debtors along with credit note and bills. Pay commission to a third party for business given and link it to the respective tickets to enable recall in case of refunds.
General Voucher--Petty cash payments and miscellaneous receipts and payments made for general expenses.

Refund Register-- Maintains register for all tickets came for and sent to airlines for refund. Print letter for client and airline. Enquiry on tickets sent for refund but not received, received but not given to client, etc.
Cash/Bank Transfer,Bank Reconciliation, Opening Balances for Debtors & Creditors
Quick query on Ticket/Pax/Reference/Invoice
Password controlled access to modules & functions of each module.
Option to e-mail / fax / export all reports.
Detail view of any item on trial balance on click of mouse.